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Cosmetic Palette Review Of A Little Obsessed Blog!

A vast majority of the blogs you’ll find on any beauty blog catalog on the internet will include a bunch of websites run by everyday women. These blogs are particularly reliable because the individuals behind them review products free of marketing bias and advertising royalties. One of the best personal beauty blogs on the internet today is A Little Obsessed. Run by a 21 year-old marketing and fashion graduate named Sabrina, this blog serves up some of the most informative reviews and articles on everything beauty-related.

At a Glance

Visitors at A Little Obsessed are first greeted by a slideshow of images that, when clicked, redirect to the latest blog entries and feature articles that the blog offers. A row of links at the topmost edge of the page is constantly available for use, and leads to some of the major pages on the site, including a brand directory, about me, contact page, about the blog, and a shop.

Scroll down towards the center of the page and the blogger’s latest Instagram posts are up for viewing. Blog posts that are featured on the main page are arranged in chronological order, with the newest posts featured displayed at the top of the list. The side column of the page has numerous posts from the blogger’s Pinterest and Instagram, and also has an archive navigator that allows guests to filter articles by month. A category filter for convenient navigation is also available for use at the sidebar which categorizes posts for easy viewing.

While the blog’s minimalistic design does make it look clean and easy to navigate, the repetitive Instagram post display along the top and sides of the page is cluttered and unnecessary.

A Closer Look

Many of the products reviewed on A Little Obsessed are done by the blogger’s personal preference, but there are some products that are given a review based on PR recommendation. These posts are marked as such for readers’ convenience. Each page contains only 5 blog posts in chronological order which can lead to a lot of clicking if a reader can’t find what they want. While the category function is available along the sidebar, posts aren’t appropriately tagged which makes the function practically useless.

In terms of content, blog posts are concise and helpful, offering a detailed look into the particulars of products. Usually, posts include information including pros, cons, prices, as well as high quality images to help readers get a better idea on the different shades and colors of makeup products.

View A Little Obsessed’s latest blogs below and follow online at http://www.alittleobsessed.co.uk/.

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