Cosmetic Palette’s review of Allure Blog

Check any online beauty blog directory and you’re bound to stumble upon Allure. Styled after the popular Allure Magazine, the Allure blog boasts the same trendy, hip, and stylish aesthetic as its mother magazine. With an impressive collection of information on any and all things related to beauty, the Allure blog has become an online heavyweight when it comes to reviews, tips, tricks, and news.

Find out why this top-notch beauty blog deserves a daily visit with our Allure blog review.

At a Glance

Visit the Allure blog and you’ll be greeted with a minimalistic web layout, featuring the iconic Allure logo boldly along the upper left-hand corner of the home page. It’s not hard to find what you need once you load the blog, thanks to the categories neatly arranged in a row along the top of the page. With these tabs, guests can filter articles as news, hair, skin, makeup, beauty products, celebrities, beauty box, freebies, and fashion.

Scroll down to the middle and lower portion of the page, and you’ll find some of the latest articles from each category for a casual and convenient browsing experience.

A Closer Look

Many of the articles available at Allure blog are written by their professional beauty bloggers who source information through their own product testing and research. Vetted products are reviewed and displayed on the main page for easy access. The Allure blog reviews thousands of products, with their database reaching well over 5,000 articles on beauty goods available on the market today. Information of the different varieties of products, their pros, cons, and prices are available for reading on the site.

Daily reports on celebrity styles and trends are also available for viewing at the home page. Here, writers explore the different fashions, clothing, makeup trends, and other beauty related news that trendy celebrities are following and using.

Exploring the beauty box tab leads guests to the Allure Beauty Box subscription page, where visitors can sign up to receive a monthly beauty box package for only $15. The monthly package is filled with beauty product favourites that Allure has reviewed.

Wrapping Up

Allure’s beauty blog is a reliable online resource packed with helpful tips, tricks, and information on the latest trends in beauty. A daily visit to this blog will be sure to give you a hefty fill of beauty related information to satisfy your needs and much more.

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