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Cosmetic Palette’s blog review of Amelia Liana.

Many of the most reliable bloggers on the internet started out as passionate individuals who loved what they wrote about, whether it be fashion, food, or travel. The same story goes for Amelia Liana who founded her popular website while she was still in college. This London-based 23 year old is hungry for life and excitement, and likes sharing her experiences and daily adventures (and misadventures) with her ever growing base of loyal subscribers, guests, and readers.

At a Glance

The first thing you’ll see when you visit this popular beauty blog is that Amelia banks on beautiful images. The plain white background takes a backseat to the many high quality captures that are featured on the main page. Each photo represents a blog post and redirects readers to the full article when clicked. This layout is particularly ideal for guests who decide what they want to read based on pictures. The top most row is dedicated to social media links, a search bar, and a link that takes readers to an information page, while the second row features links that lead to subsections within the blog including fashion, travel, beauty, recipes, videos, shop, contact page, and a few other options that opens a side bar with more links. While these are generally organized, the side bar that appears upon clicking “more” doesn’t really contain anything unique. All of the options available on this hide-able sidebar are already available on the main page, making it a little useless and confusing for some readers.

Links to items featured on the blog are placed between posts. This is where readers can purchase Amelia’s favorite and sponsored products. While some might find it convenient, this subtle marketing strategy can make the page seem cluttered towards the middle.

A Closer Look

Posts are labelled based on the category they fall into for easier navigation and reading. The blog is big on beauty posts and features numerous items from different brands which the blogger talks about in great detail. Fashion posts feature the blogger’s personal style preferences and clothing, while food posts explore some of the different dining options that the blogger has tried. Travel posts serve mostly as guides to the different tourist spots in a handful of different countries and cities.

All in All

The blog serves well as a lifestyle information resource, but some might find the design a little cluttered. Regardless, the blog and vlog posts are equally entertaining and enjoyable, offering a concise and helpful guide to many of the products and opportunities in the market.

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