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  • If Kristen S. James weren’t the most calming, loving, kind soul I’d ever met, I’d probably hate her. Kristen is what I like to call a modern mystic: she’s one part goddess hair stylist, one part sacred esoteric healer. Her form of energy work is hard to put into words, though the type-A in me totally tries to in this episode. At […]
    Mon, Dec 11, 2017
    Source: Beauty Bets
  • My holiday shopping list always includes a handful of people who deserve a little something from yours truly—like freelancers I work with regularly, my hair stylist, our favorite dog walker—who I love and appreciate and want to remember during the holidays! This list seems to grow longer every year, and yet I don’t want the gift […]
    Thu, Dec 07, 2017
    Source: Beauty Bets