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Cosmetic Palettes Beauty Blog Review Of Lips So Facto

People will agree – not every beauty product purchase works out for the best. Companies and businesses often advertise their products so well that consumers get fooled by pretty packaging and flowery words only to find these items falling short of expectations. There really isn’t a way to save ourselves from these blind buys, other than coming prepared with the right knowledge on the pros and cons of each product that line shopping centre shelves.

Lips So Facto is a beauty blog directory that helps individuals achieve just that. This beauty blog catalog is chocked full of honest reviews and information on beauty products and cosmetics to help you lock in on items that are worth the hard-earned cash. There’s a lot to learn from this beauty blog, and that’s why it has become a popular online destination for people seeking the truth behind many of the products in the market today.

More about Lips So Facto

Lips So Facto was founded in 2011 when a woman named Meg who was in her final year as an English undergraduate, had finally had enough of the blind buys and purchase pitfalls at the cosmetic aisles. That’s when she decided to collate all the information she accumulated over the years about cosmetics and beauty products and help others decide what was best for their needs and preferences. Thus, Lips So Facto was born.

This beauty blog directory offers an in-depth look into popular products and gives individuals a better idea as to whether or not they should actually pull out their wallets and line up at the cash register. Here, guests can gain access to an endless list of products and cosmetics and find out the pros and cons of each one. Meg reviews numerous products, including hair care products, makeup, skin care products, and even nail lacquers and polishes. Every now and then, Lips So Facto also dishes on some style secrets, health tips, and music reviews that give visitors a break from being too overwhelmed with pure beauty posts.

What We Love

Lips So Facto is a no nonsense beauty blog catalog that gives individuals a better look into some of the most popular products on the market. This blog boasts a seamless layout, guaranteed to give visitors an easy time navigating and reading through posts and articles. Its neatly organized tabs make it simple to find exactly what’s relevant to you, so you won’t have to spend so long skimming through lengthy posts and feeds just to find what you need.

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