Cosmetic Palette’s review of Organic Beauty Blogger

Because of the growing consumer consciousness regarding the contents of their beauty products, lots of bloggers have focused their attention of serving up reliable information on the available natural and organic products in the market. One of these blogs commonly indexed by any beauty blog directory is Organic Beauty Blogger. Owned and managed by Inga, the blog started out as nothing more than a hobby which quickly grew into one of the biggest and most trustworthy online sources for information on some of rarest and some of the best organic and natural beauty products today.

At a Glance

The blog takes minimalistic design to a whole new level with its white background and light pink accents. Links are arranged in a row along the top of the page and categorize posts according to skincare, makeup, hair, and body. Photos follow the same minimalist approach and highlight the bright, natural colors that give the page an organic aesthetic. The sidebar is home to recent posts on Instagram and a collection of different brand names that redirect to product reviews under those labels. Design is very minimal and clean making navigation and reading easy and convenient. But some of the photos displayed on the home page are not accompanied by corresponding text, so unique guests might not be able to identify these as links to blog posts unless they try to click.

A Closer Look

The blog name gives readers a general idea what the site is all about, and that is organic beauty and body care products. Each product is explored in-depth through dedicated posts with high res images that help readers determine colors and hues more accurately. Some posts are sponsored, and these are all marked for the benefit of the reader. The blogger is also an affiliate marketer, which means some links to product for sale could earn her a commission if she manages to snag a sale.

Each post explores each product in high detail, including packaging, pros, cons, and general considerations. Unique to the blog is that it also features a list of the ingredients that each product contains. This is to further guide consumers in choosing products that are free from harmful and synthetic chemicals.

All in All

The blog is helpful, informative, and easy to navigate. Those with a penchant for skincare, makeup, hair, and body care but don’t want the dangers that come with harmful ingredients should definitely visit this blog to find out more about the best organic products in the market today.

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