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If you take away any one thing from this Shirleyswardrobe blog review, let it be this: This is one beauty blog that should definitely be on your regular list of Cosmetic Palette beauty blogs to visit. The website combines information, sincerity, and unique personality in the best way possible. Throw in the exceptional layout for the site, not to mention the fantastic use of photographs, and you have one of the best beauty blogs to be found anywhere.

What You’ll Find

If you haven’t been to Shirleyswardrobe, you’re really missing out. Shirley is a London blogger who not only loves all things fashion, but she backs it up with considerable knowledge about the latest styles and trends for fashion, beauty products, and much more. This is a fantastic beauty blog directory, offering fresh content on a regular basis. Furthermore, Shirley also works to provide beauty tips, shopping inspiration, and so much more. When it comes to this particular beauty blog catalog, it’s impressive to say the least that Shirley is capable of providing so much appealing, engaging content on her own.

Quite frankly, this blog is so good, you’re likely to find yourself being sucked in by topics you didn’t even know you were interested in. Her Lust List is a great example of that. The list simply contains a range of fashion and beauty products and accessories that have been appealing to her as of late. Note the smart placement of photos of each of the products she discusses. You can take in everything at once, and then focus your attention on something that specifically appeals to you. From there, you’re going to find that this beauty blog directory backs up the great visual with equally excellent writing. The writing seeps with her singular charm, wit, and personality. This article (and the same can be said of all the others on this beauty blog catalog) provides plenty of legitimately useful information. Yet the articles are also consistently sprinkled with doses of her own perspective. The tone is never aggressive or arrogant. Reading her posts, it’s easy to imagine having Shirley as a great pal. She loves what you’re doing. However, if you have any questions about the latest fall collection, which shoes go with which outfits, or anything else, she’s there. She’s only too happy to help.

Let this Shirleyswardrobe blog review make one thing perfectly clear: This blog is a winner in every way possible. Appealing visuals combined with real content.

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