Cosmetic Palette Blog Review Of LDN Diaries

With so many beauty products available to us today, hundreds of different bloggers have made it their duty to properly inform consumers on the different benefits and pitfalls of the items that are in the market today. Check any beauty blog directory, and you’re bound to find The LDN Diaries listed as one of their top picks. Run and managed by a woman named Paula based in London, the LDN Diaries blog has come a long way since its dawn as a hobby. Today, the blog has reached top status and has garnered numerous awards in the lifestyle blogging niche.

At a Glance

The LDN Diaries greets readers with a large banner with the blog’s name and several scrolling images of the latest blog entries it has published. A row of links at the top of the page make for easy and convenient navigation and allows users to visit specific categories in the blog. The right side bar houses a small about me section, a link to recent YouTube video posts, links to social media profiles with featured posts from the blog and Instagram, as well as article categories that organize posts into neat sections designated for beauty, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and the very unique men’s lifestyle section. This particular feature is rare in fashion and beauty blogs, and is managed by a dedicated editor named Danny.

The blog is minimalistic, featuring the same plain white background that many other sites make use of. Majority of the aesthetic is thanks to the high definition images that are used in articles and blog posts.

The LDN Diaries has an organized design, but because the top row of links follows along with page scrolling, the side categories seem rather useless and impractical.

A Closer Look

A big chunk of the content is dedicated to beauty products with the blogger reviewing numerous items in a single week. Some of the products are sponsored and sent by PR from certain manufacturers and brands. The LDN Diaries is also big on YouTube videos, where Paula talks about vetted products, news, and does reader suggested and other challenges for subscribers’ enjoyment. She also takes readers deeper by featuring some information from her daily life.

Travel posts are informative, giving readers a sneak peek into the different sights and sounds of the fashion capitals of the world. Food posts explore some of the best selections across the many different restaurants that the blogger finds enjoyable and worthwhile.

All in all, the blog offers a mishmash of different posts for a complete does of lifestyle info guaranteed to entertain even the pickiest of readers – both men and women.

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