Cosmetic Palette’s review of The Social Snob

The Social Snob is a luxury beauty blog owned and managed by a lady named Charlotte. After having had her first child, Charlotte was prompted by her innate passion for all things beauty related to start her own blog. The result was a mishmash of beauty, skin care, lifestyle, and fashion all crammed into one website which has now gained significant popularity across the internet. The Social Snob is recognized the world over as one of the most reliable beauty blogs out there, offering sound advice and input on the many different products available in the market.

At a Glance

The Social Snob makes use of the same minimalist design that many other beauty and fashion blogs feature. At the home page, guests are greeted with a large slideshow of the owner’s latest posts which adds a significant aesthetic appeal to the entire page. While it is pleasant to view on smaller devices, phones and laptops with larger screens might have difficulty appreciating the images as they tend to blur and get pixelated. It also pays to note that this giant photo slideshow is present not only on the home screen, but on every other page in the site which means you’ll have to scroll past that first before you get to any of the other posts. It can also be a little confusing especially if you visit category specific links like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, as the slideshow displays posts from random categories.

Aside from this minor flaw, everything else is rather straightforward. Navigation is easy, and images are good quality especially when viewed within posts. Across the top of the page, guests can click on numerous links to subcategories and can reach the owner through her social media sites made available at the upper right hand side.

A Closer Look

It’s no question why a beauty blog directory would index The Social Snob. Posts are short, sweet, and simple, making it easy for readers to get exactly the information they need without sifting through fluff. Images are also very helpful in aiding guests as to the quality and shade of the products reviewed. Sharing blog posts is made easy with numerous share options at the preview and at the end of each post, and shopping for vetted products is seamless thanks to the dedicated shop/wishlist link available at the home page.

The Social Snob is a pretty, simple, and convenient way to find reliable information on the latest products in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, which is why it deserves its place among the many others competing for recognition in the realm of blogging.

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