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  • The discounts have been trickling in since mid-week, but the big event is finally here, whether you like it not. I have to say that this year I’m pretty into Black Friday; not only to fill up the missing gaps in my winter capsule wardrobe (hello 25% off coats at Whistles!), but also for the […] […]
    Fri, Nov 24, 2017
    Source: Vivianna Does Makeup
  • For some people who work from home I can imagine it’s daytime TV that’s their vice, but for me it’s a little different. Of course there is the obvious YouTube black hole that’s currently sucking me in with old clips from America’s Next Top Model which is just a cracking show (‘WE WERE ALL ROOTING […] […]
    Wed, Nov 22, 2017
    Source: Vivianna Does Makeup